Management Team

ACMO 2000 Certified

Liron Daniels B.E.S. R.C.M. P.P.L. O.L.C.M. C.P.M.


Liron oversees all of the activity throughout the company. He is an R.C.M. and has his B.E.S. (Building Environmental Services).  He has recently received his C.P.M. designation Liron believes in hands-on management and open channels of communication between all those involved in the management of a condominium. Liron is a member in good standing with A.C.M.O., C.C.I. Toronto Chapter and R.E.M.
Ari Soroka

Ari Soroka R.C.M. O.L.C.M. C.F.T.A.

Vice President

Ari is an R.C.M. 12+ years of experience has provided him with an extensive knowledge in all aspects of property management and has been instrumental in implementing strategies and initiatives that maximizes our client’s property valueS and minimizes their spend. Ari oversees Nadlan-Harris. Ari’s key areas of responsibility are client asset and experience management, governance, human talent inspiration and management and organizational capacity oversight. Ari is dedicated to plan and monitor the operations of our clients’ properties and ensure they surpass industry norms. He does this by creating goals, policies and procedures that support our managers and staff so that they can exceed their own expectations. Ari is a member in good standing with A.C.M.O. and C.C.I. Toronto Chapter

Floriana Di Chiazza R.C.M.

Vice President

Floriana is an R.C.M. and oversees the property managers and ensures that proper protocol and management practices are adhered to at all properties. Floriana updates the company and staff with new laws and regulations and advises of any new industry requirements.

Hannah Daniels Hons. BA R.C.M.

Director of Communications (Hons. BA Communication Studies, Public Relations Certified, R.C.M.)

Hannah is an R.C.M. and is responsible for ensuring smooth transitions and acquiring new properties. She has her Honours degree in Communication Studies and is a Certified Public Relations Specialist. Hannah visits the properties on a regular basis and ensures that all property guidelines and expectations are met as per the company’s set requirements
Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar, CPA

Accounting Controller

Amit ensures that the accounting department follows proper protocol, IFRS and provides superior accounting services to all our clients.
Amit has accumulated over 34 years of accounting experience, board members, and auditors’ trust.
Amit and his team are prompt, efficient, and effective in money matters. Amit is very well respected by all his stakeholders.

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