Services Overview

Communities throughout the GTA have unique property management needs. From maintenance and housekeeping requirements to bookkeeping and accounting, Nadlan-Harris can help communities achieve their goals by providing quality services to their residents and the boards of directors.

Initial Services

  • Detailed physical description of each project by qualified professionals
  • Examination of property drawings (as necessary)
  • Review of the current operating budget
  • Complete review of financial statements and records
  • Create building inspection logs
  • Implement a community website
  • Create list of liability and prioritize work
  • Create a building operations manual
  • Create structure through communication by using reports, logs, frequent updates and documentation
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Physical Maintenance

  • Develop and implement a maintenance program relating to all aspects of the physical components of the building including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire safety system and insurance
  • Detailed assessment of all solicited tenders and quotations; to ensure the best possible contractual maintenance of the complex and a fiscal responsible mandate.
  • Establishment of energy and cost saving protocols
  • Provide 24 hours a day availability and on call service. All members of our team will become fully familiar with your property. If your property manager is unavailable for any reason, the call will be forwarded to the next managing executive to ensure continuous service.
  • Provide written reports and recommendation to the Board of Directors.
  • Administer all contract and maintenance service needs for each individual property, including but not limited to:
  • Snow Removal and Landscaping
  • Pest Control
  • Security Control
  • Cleaning and Maintenance of Common Areas
  • Garbage Removal
  • Janitorial Services
  • Fire Safety Inspection and Equipment Maintenance
  • Window and Glass Cleaning
  • H.V.A.C Maintenance.
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Contract, Preventative Maintenance and Energy Retrofit Saving

  • We will review other areas around the complex to ensure that often overlooked items are receiving necessary management, especially:
  • Hydro consumption (common area lighting)
  • Common element maintenance matters (painting and decorating)
  • Elevator maintenance and servicing items
  • Periodic building repairs and maintenance items
  • HVAC preventative maintenance matters
  • Periodic electrical service repair and maintenance items
  • Plumbing related preventative maintenance (i.e. jockey pumps and PRV valves)
  • Fire system’s security system
  • Domestic hot water and heating boiler system (i.e. burners trays, heaters, and check valves)
  • Water treatment and boiler operations
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Financial and Administrative Services

  • Establishment and maintenance of a computerized receivables system
  • Establishment and maintenance of separate trust accounts
  • Scrutiny, recording and payment of all invoices related to the project
  • Provide detailed monthly financial statements, including comparisons with budget (Current month and year-to-date). Submit actual income and expense statements with a year-to-date column, plus a column indicating the year-to-date budget.
  • Short term investment of surplus funds as outlined by the Condominium Act and banking regulations
  • Preparation of budget and expenditures
  • Formulation of capital reserve budget; predicted upon results of a comprehensive reserve fund study
  • Attendance at scheduled meetings of the Board of Directors with presentation of financial and management reports
  • Prepare and submit all H.S.T. returns
  • Prepare non-audited financial statements and general ledgers for Condominium Corporation
  • Perform payroll administration
  • To keep directors aware of the physical conditions of the building, property, and equipment to ensure that the building’s values and assets are preserved
  • Arrange for the preparation of Status Certificates for executives. Cost for any Status Certificates are a direct cost to the condominium owner who requests it.
  • Organize work orders and scheduling for in-house staff and contractors
  • Prepare purchase orders for all supplies required for the maintenance of the property
  • Issue and maintain a log of security keys and deposit for same, in accordance with the Condominium Board policy, if such security system exists
  • Maintain a complete condominium owner’s register file and update changes as necessary
  • Prepare newsletters to the condominium owners when required
  • Provide an experienced property manager to perform duties efficiently
  • Hiring and supervision of qualified personnel where applicable.
  • Supervising all services and contracts as to obligations and performance.
  • Attending Board of Directors meetings and Annual General Meetings.
  • Performing regular site inspections and meeting all maintenance and budgetary requirements and obligations.
  • Maintaining relations with owners of the Corporation and enforcing the applicable by laws and house rules.
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AR / AP / Payroll & Bookkeeping Services

  • Collect and process monthly condominium fee payments
  • Follow up on arrears; prepare monthly reports and payment-reminder letters, etc.
  • Prepare condominium lien forms when necessary
  • Process invoices for payments
  • Prepare cheques and invoices for final directors’ approval and signatures
  • Prepare employee cheques or payroll deposits
  • Organize all payroll deductions (i.e. Income Tax, C.P.P, U.I.C, WCIB, and EHT).
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